Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Design*Sponge at Anthropologie, Vancouver

Well, as I expected, Grace Bonney's book signing event at Anthropologie was fabulous. Everything about the event was inspiring: the book, the author, the people in attendance (great outfits all around), the employees (so friendly and cheerful), the products and their displays! I couldn't resist taking a few snapshots. Enjoy!

I wasn't the only one with my camera out! And how I would have loved to bring that bolero home... and an initialled mug!Lots of fun outfits walking around the store. Glittery gold shoes, double panelled leggings, and my favourite look of the whole evening: The Girl with the Lace Skirt. (Click to zoom)
As this adorable young boy was reaching for cupcakes, I couldn't resist snapping his picture! Let me share the dialogue that happened just before he reached:

Boy: I want anothew cupcake
Mother: Well, you can have another one now but then no ice cream later. You choose.
Boy (short pause and with a thoughtful expression): Hmm... that's okay. I'll just have the cupcakes now instead of the ice cweam!

Yes. That table is made of rolled up magazines... I think! And there's a lot of great shoes in this shot...
I love this cutlery set! If I needed more cutlery, I would have bought these.

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