Friday, October 7, 2011

Give Up Tomorrow

Hola mis amigos! How are you all? I am, as usual, plowing through work and school (it never ends). I have to get a little serious with today's post.
On Thursday I saw one of the most incredible and heartbreaking films I have ever seen: Give Up Tomorrow (*warning: some of the images in the film trailer/website can be graphic).It is a true story about a high profile rape/murder case in the Philippines that brought out the worst and most frustrating of corruption and cronyism. Paco Larrañaga (along with six others) was accused and pronounced guilty of the crime which he could not have possibly committed.

"Amnesty International, the government of Spain, Fair Trials International, and the United Nations are unequivocal in the belief that for more than a decade, Paco has been paying with his freedom for a crime he did not commit. Indeed, some 40 people including classmates and teachers from the culinary school he attends – along with photographic evidence – place him hundreds of miles from the grim crime scene."

It's difficult to sum up a two hour film that sums up a 14 year case in one blog post but please take a moment to check out the film website. Please help free Paco with you support.
Thank you and more pleasant topics to come!


American in Norway said...

GOing to check it out... Popping by from SITS.. have a fabulous weekend! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

What a tremendous story!