Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Posts from the Past

I'm sitting in front of my window writing... and watching snowflakes fall (absolutely magical). Image source: weheartitWe're back to -3 degrees. Not warm but warmer than the -9 I woke up to yesterday morning! I'm writing yet another paper today. So far this semester I have written about Qian Xuan (Chinese Literati artist), La Mezquita in Cordoba and early Islamic calligraphy/art, and now I am writing about First Nations artist, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, the creator of Haida manga. I should really get to it! So here are a few posts from the past that I really enjoyed writing and hope you enjoy reading!

Vosges Chocolate ~haut chocolate! In the mood for something sweet?

A beautiful place, which I hope to see for myself one day: Il Salviatino

A very fresh scent: CLEAN

The Galway Girl in Whistler Village This is the ski town I'll be spending time with my family during Christmas holidays.

Here's a little classic Gene Kelly for you to brighten your day. Moses Supposes... (Just click the "view on YouTube" link that appears)
Curious about the inspiration for my paper? Watch Flight of the Hummingbird, a Haida Manga animation.


Fleur-de-Lis said...

That image is just perfection* so inspirational :)
You are so lucky to have such beautiful moments in your daily life :)
Good luck with all the work***

michael said...

...and what are you saying about michael nicoll yahgulanaas (aka mny)?


Ana Patrícia said...

Oh! OH! Are you really MNY?! I love your work :) I focused on you and Haida manga as a case study for my paper! I'm sending an email with a little more detail. :D Thank you so much for visiting my blog!