Monday, November 30, 2009

Il Salviatino

Ahh! Italy. The last time I was in Italy was around ten years ago and I cannot wait till I go again. If all goes according to plan, I will end that very long streak and find myself in this romantic country again next summer. I have been dying to tour Tuscany. Of course I want to go to Rome and fulfill the wish I made all those years ago at the Fontana di Trevy.
A very good friend showed me one of the most beautiful hotels called Il Salviatino. When I saw these pictures, my jaw dropped at the startling beauty of the Florentine hotel. The villa was bought and lovingly restored by Marcello F. M. Pigozzo and converted into a haven for art, history and wonderful memories. Enough talk from me. These beautiful pictures say it all...

(Images via Il Salviatano)

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Gaia said...

i f you'll go to Tuscany let me know that I'll give you some good address!
Take care till then!