Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playoff Makeup by Jessica W.N.

I have lots of pictures from my recent trip to Spain to share but they need some organizing! For now, let me share something about my hometown with you: this is a hockey town. Love for our team, the Vancouver Canucks, spreads far and wide, appearing all over the city in the form of jerseys as everyday wear, flags streaming from car windows, cars painted in Canucks logos, giant inflatable Orca whales strapped to a van roof, the green men*... and makeup? YES! Makeup for all the female fans who can't grow a playoff beard (very strange tradition, yes). Check out this fun and sporty look from my dear Jessica W.N

*These are the green men. Obnoxious little buggers aren't they!P.s. If you're not a Canucks fan, be bold and sport the look! ;)

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