Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spanish Victuals

This may make your mouth water!
Spain is a country with delicious meats, seafood, drinks... I could go on but instead I'll just show you. Here are some of the goodies I got to munch on. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all...
Up above you see jamón serrano, croquetas (ham and bechamel magically held together with a brad crumb coating) and really good bread.
These drinks below are called claras. It is the perfect mix of a light beer with lemon soda (like a shandy): great for summer days. The sandwiches are small bocadillos (typical sandwiches of Spain) or montaditos.
Spanish hams, or jamónes!
Huevos rotos con chorizo: fried eggs on potatoes (similar to fries but heartier chunks) with chorizo sausage...
Sepia, or Spanish style squid. I wish I knew exactly how this was made but here's my guess: seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley and lemon, grilled to perfection, fresh lemon squeezed right before eating and accompanied with a yogourt/tzatziki type dip but without the overbearing garlic flavour... It was delicious!
Bread! Pan! I eat so, so much bread there! It's delicious to dip simply in olive oil and salt.
On top of the copious amounts of bread I ate, I drank many, many cafés con leche. Spanish espresso with hot, steamed milk and a touch of sugar.
Un bocadillo de jamón con queso de brie. Quite simply, a ham sandwich with brie cheese. But oh! It's so much more than an ordinary ham sandwich, can't you tell?!
These last two were the first two courses of the wedding dinner: salad with lobster (cooked in two ways) and guacamole...
And one large but perfectly cooked piece of steak! As big as my fist... I ate it all.
My plates of food were always completely devoured... in a ladylike manner of course ;P

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Fleur-de-Lis said...

Wow! you really captured the spirit of spanish food :) Loved these shots!