Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Waltz

Well I feel spoiled! Last night I saw André Rieu in concert with my dad. He is an incredible violinist and with his orchestra, puts on a magical show! If I closed my eyes, it would have sounded like I was living in another era. But then I would have missed seeing the couples waltzing on the floor, the sparkling lights behind the stage, the pastels of the women in the orchestra, the reflection of the lights on the brass and violin bows, and the balloons that came down in the finale! I have to share a video of his finale medley...

Thanks to this concert I'm listening to this song now... and this song! Lucky for me, my mom had a Christmas dinner and couldn't go! But she gets to go to one of the biggest Canuck games ever: the day they retire Markus Nazlund's number... I think we're even!
And thank you Debi for your compliment on my ski photos :D

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