Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Yellow Scarf

I was browsing through the I Saw You section in the Georgia Straight and found this:

Big yellow scarf
I saw a: Female I am a: Male When: January 12, 2010 Where: Granville St. & 5th
you: brunette, very pretty, with big yellow scarf standing at red light underneath Granville bridge by 4th Avenue. Me: tall, wool coat with grey scarf. I walked up and stood at light beside you, we looked at each other, then I walked through the park to 5th Avenue, then looked at you again and caught you looking back. I wanted to talk to you but didn't, wish I did. I came back to see if you were still in the neighborhood but you were gone. Coffee?
Isn't this just the sweetest? Now I want a big yellow scarf. Thank goodness for Etsy browsing! Here are a few yellow scarves that I liked. Click on the picture to find out where to get them. This first one by Beautiful Bridget is my favorite...


Fleur-de-Lis said...

The second scarf is so adorable! Fluffy and cozy* Although i don't wear yellow, it's a very pretty piece indeed :)

Gaia said...

This is one of my "late" fav colors! it doesn't really look good on me. I'm blond but I'm totally in love with it! I love old-gold, like mustard and Imlike it with purple, dark green and blue navy!

Have a great weekend!