Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing: L.S. Illustrated

Hello all you gorgeous people! I would like you to meet my darling cousin, Pia, the brains and talented artist behind L.S. Illustrated.At Life and Style Illustrated you will find great fashion and styling tips all delivered to you through her illustrations! If you love fashion you're going to love her work. All bias aside, I can't get enough it! My favourite illustration of hers to date? The Betty and Veronica style post where she asks the big question: are you a Betty or a Veronica? Any Archie comics fans?Now here's the fun part. Got a cool outfit and funky style? You can send her a picture and you may just find yourself L.S. Illustrated!

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Pia Ugarte said...

HEY!! I haven't seen this post yet!! Thank you thank you! :D