Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Night Circus

Hello hello! Did you all have fabulous holiday celebrations? I definitely did. Skiing didn't quite happen (thanks to foggy bad weather) and I didn't get to see White Christmas on the stage (no time this year). But I did watch White Christmas on television and plans for Whistler are being made and we did have a fabulous Christmas Eve feast!Pictures to come but first, my darling Jessica W.N. of MUAHjwn introduced me to a new book entitled, The Night Circus. It is so magical and filled with unbelievably vivid imagery. Author Erin Morgenstern truly paints pictures with words...It makes me feel... inspired! Time to pull out the sketchbook.


Unknown said...

White Christmas is my ultimate fav Christmas movie! Christmas just isn't Christmas without watching it! I had no idea they did plays, would love to watch it!
Glad u like your book, your very good to read so regularly. I really need to start reading for pleasure rather than just academics.

Unknown said...

White christmas is the ultimate Christmas movie! Christmas just isn't the same without watching it. I had no idea they performed it on stage too, that's awesome!
Glad you had a good Christmas, looking forward to following your blog!