Monday, August 8, 2011

A Vancouver Summer Weekend

I just had one of the most multicultural weekends! Vancouver had a nickname: "no fun Vancouver," but I think that's changed! If ever you come to visit Vancouver, I guarantee there will be lots for you to do here. Because I haven't posted in a while, I'll make this a juicy one!This past Saturday was the Brazilian festival in downtown. One of the main streets closed to allow tourists and locals alike to enjoy the Brazilian food, colours and beats. I didn't get a chance to take good pictures (I didn't want to carry my huge camera in the crowds you'll see in a second), but I do have some coming from a friend.The stage featured some great acts, but I think the most entertaining were Sambata and Ache Brasil.
Difficult to see thanks to my short legs but there is a group all in white playing drums in the middle of that crowd! The festival was on one of the main streets in downtown Vancouver.

Following the Brazilfest, we walked with the crowds to English Bay, and patiently waited to enjoy Canada's display of fireworks for the Celebration of Light 2011 and what a show! I unfortunately missed the day when Red Bull's aerobatic pilot, Pete McLeod, gave the crowd a show!This year, the competitors were recent champions: China, Spain, and Canada. They had amazing fireworks that would fall to the water and then come shooting out again! At least that's what it looked like!We finished off our Saturday night by heading to the Ouisi Bistro for a drink. It's a small spot in South Granville with a great list of international beers. I ordered the Alhambra beer from Spain. Yum! Love the green bottle...Sunday was a busy day of driving all over the place: brunch and cupcakes in North Van, half hour drive to drop off a friend, another half hour back to pickup friends and then another half hour to Empire Field to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC play against Chicago!The firework pictures are from the Celebration of Light website and the Ouisi Bistro and first two Brazilfest pictures I found floating around the internet.


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Popped in from SITS! Looks like an amazing time!

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Have a great weekend!