Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Vancouver Guide

So sorry for the absence! This will be a fuller post: a great guide to Vancouver! Come visit!
From Grace Bonney of design*sponge, here's a guide to my city featuring great eats, trendy neighbourhood haunts, and fun places to shop!

If you've got plans to visit Vancouver, try to come during the hockey season! The city is buzzing with excitement, especially today. I just got home from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011!!! Look at all those towels spinning in the air! Go CaNuCkS Go!Three hours after and the streets are still filled with people cheering and high-fiving! We truly love our hockey here. This is the game opening video...

Fall colours, spring cherry blossoms, and in winter, beautiful views from the ski slopes...Summer's are amazing here as well. They're may not be any hockey (although this year our team has made it deep into playoffs) but we've got plenty of outdoor activities and great beaches! I promise, we do not have arctic temperatures as many people seem to think.Every summer we get fabulous firework shows from the International Celebration of Light...
The flags on the tent of Bard on the Beach are waving cheerily as well... The place to go if you're in the mood for some Shakespeare.Events, food (this is quite the foodie city), shopping (vintage and new), cafes, galleries and museums, urban walks, sports, beaches, mountains, outdoor activities, beautiful sights...Did I mention whale watching? It deserves a spot on your travel list!

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debi said...

What a beautiful city! Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing!