Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vancouver's Fall Colours

What's bright pink and red? A tree?!
I realized today that I've praised the fall season and gave it the distinction of being my favourite season. Yes, I love wearing boots, sweaters and scarves and I don't really mind the rain (when I'm prepared for it), but those aren't the only reasons why. So please excuse the bad quality of these photos. I forgot my camera and I couldn't wait so I used my cellular phone! These are Vancouver's fall colours: crimson, yellow, gold, yellow-green, orange, cranberry, pink, neons and, of course, greens...
After along day of classes I finally get to leave campus!
Can you believe there are October roses on the western tip of campus? The umbrella is no surprise.
A typical tree lined Vancouver street...
So there you have it: a little colourful and damp glimpse of suburban Vancouver! I'm sorry I didn't take advantage of our sunny Tuesday!

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Eve said...

You have some amazing colors - gorgeous!