Friday, April 29, 2011

International Dance Day!

Hello ladies! It's International Dance Day today! There are performances happening all over the place, swing bombs in the streets (professionals spontaneously pairing up and dancing when you least expect it!), a troupe of tappers doing their own version of Frankie Manning's Shim Sham, Indian dancers in full costume, and of course, our flamenco performance! Vancouver is looking lovely, warm and full of sunshine and dancing events all over the city! Even more exciting is that our flamenco picture is the main promotional shot! In honour of this fabulous day here are some great dance photographs!

Every ballerina starts somewhere...
This is my cousin, the ballerina.
A flamenco 'bailaora'...
Karen has taught me pretty much everything I know about flamenco...
My guess here is the tango?Who doesn't love a chorus line?!
Lindy Hop!
Here's another version of the shim sham in full swing (no pun intended) at a party, led by the one only, Frankie Manning! Have a bouncing weekend!

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