Monday, October 25, 2010

Sketch Theatre

It's a stormy windy day in Vancouver. The trees and all their colours are waving around and the wind is whistling! Time for big mug of hot chocolate and a seat in front of the fireplace! But before I do that, I have to share this video of artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer. It's fascinating to watch an artist do his work! Thanks to Sketch Theatre, we can see the whole process...


pamelahutchins said...

I love your beautiful site (found you on SITS). I am not an artist. I'm a writer, and I have profound respect for other types of creativity, though. Like yours :)

Fleur-de-Lis said...

That's amazing!
I didn't know this, so thanks so much for sharing!
and don't be afraid on asking for help with the papers :) I'll be more that happy to help you if I can***
BTW, it must be amazing to live in Canada during the fall... I've heard it's the most beautiful place with all those colors in the Nature!