Tuesday, October 26, 2010

North and South

I just watched the BBC version of one my most favourite novels of all time, North and South . It is an incredible novel by Elizabeth Gaskell written in 1855. It tells the story of Margaret Hale -a Southerner who moves to the northern industrial town of Milton- and her struggles to reconcile her sympathy for the town's mill workers with her growing attraction to Mr. Thornton, one of the masters of this industrial world. As I looked for photos I discovered that you can read the novel online for free at the Literature Network and that you can watch the BBC version online for free (there are a few places you can find it by googling if that link doesn't work). It is a great period piece if ever you are in the mood for one...

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samsstuff said...

This was a great series, thanks for the reminder & the beautiful screen shots! I may just have to watch it again.
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