Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen Dancing: Free Like Love

Time for me to start the homestretch of paper writing for this semester! As I contemplate the next few (more like 10) hours, I'm listening to my dog snore and proving myself to be the queen of procrastination! And while I'm in top procrastinating form, I'm going to share a fantastic mood booster: dancing like crazy when no one is looking! Yesterday I was so uplifted and motivated because I jumped, twirled, and twisted around my kitchen! This is the song that got me going. I think I must have looked like the guy in the video! Haha! Hope you like :)

Mood before: 5
Mood after: 9
Check out A Shimmy In My Spirit for the ingenious mood scale :)

By the way, in case the video is blocked in your country try viewing it here. Hope it works!


debi said...

Boo, the video is blocked in the US because of copyright bla,bla,
Oh well, good luck on your paper!!

Ana Patricia said...

oh no! I had no idea! thats so annoying (its happened to me a lot where the video is block in canada). thanks though! I need all the luck i can get!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

Oh dear, i believe there is a procrastinating virus enerywhere
-.- it's impossible to get work done. And my TWO enormous dogs are snoring too... if we just could cuddle and sleep like them :)
Thanks for the video***and Good Luck