Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Design Hollywood

Yesterday I bought the March issue of Architectural Digest (another magazine added to my growing collection of the glossy medium). In my search for cozy living spaces yesterday, I found a small feature on classic Hollywood style. I love looking at old sets, photographs, and costumes. I just finished a costume design project myself and have had no sleep working on it (2 hours). So no more typing. Here are some vintage styles for you. I love looking at these classic images :)

Cedric Gibbon's art deco set for The Single Standard (1929)Hans Dreier's set for Sunset Boulevard (1950)Travis Banton's costume designs:
Red Hair (1928), Clara Bow as Bubbles McCoyAngel (1937), Marlene Dietrich
George Hurrell's photography: Ramon Navarro, ca. 1928Florence Yoch's landscape architecture:
Gone With the Wind (1939), Vivian Leigh and Thomas Mitchell at Tara
Romeo and Juliet (1936), Leslie Howard in the Capulet courtyard

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Fleur-de-Lis said...

Oh, i was reading your post and so many thoughts crossed my mind! I know a house from the 20's you would love, here in Portugal. Then, i remembered of some of my own interior design books, cozy interiors, vintage, etc. Wonderfull post**