Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver, B.C.

If you've been following the Olympics then you've probably seen shots and images of Vancouver already. I have to say though, normally on Mondays I share a destination that I feel like flying off to, but right now I don't that any place that tickles my fancy except for home! I wouldn't mind going to Whistler actually, which is two hours away from home. I almost went too except, the real world calls me to work tomorrow at 6am :S
Here are a few shots I've taken around Vancouver (pre-Olympics). Enjoy!Imagine this street crowded with people, sculptures, lantern trees, tents, media, umbrellas and no cars and you've got Granville St. during the Olympics!This one was taken while driving to one of the local mountains. After watching Olympic ski events I'm itching to buckle my boots and pop my skis on!

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