Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You, But No?...

Okay. I have a dilemma. I started work at the airport again with very early and very long 9 hour shifts. I just got an email saying I've been scheduled as a "Zone Lead." Now most would be happy at this apparent promotion from "student" to "zone lead" but not me. All it means is that I'm now there for 10 hours starting at 5:30am and I get to carry a radio, which really is not all that thrilling. This is my third shift back and I don't want to be in charge of other people!!! Thank you, but no? Thank you, but NO. How does one say that?

On a more 'sure of myself' note: check out this photo contest! Hosted by Jodi Sagorin at her blog, If You Never Did, You Should.

Update, Wed. Feb.17: I was right. The most exciting thing that happened was that there were two washroom alarms, which were nothing but a loose switch. How exciting my ten hour shift has been!


CITY MOUSE said...

Te lo agradezco, pero no! hahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for spreading the word :)