Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blahnik's Blue Satin Heels

I love shoes. When I was 3, my mom threatened to throw all my shoes away if I didn't pick up my toys. Needless to say I cried out and cleaned up my room very soon after!I know you've probably all seen these before but I love these blue Manolo Blahnik's that starred in the Sex and the City movie. I wish I could win the lottery and buy them! Aren't they lovely?! In the film, they were in the $500 range but in reality, they were in the $800 range, created for the masses due the high demand from Sex and the City fans!
The IdeaThe ShoeThe OccasionIf you love these shoes as much as I do and want a pair (or at least something very much like it) click here or here


my wonderland said...

thabks for the honorable mention you gaveme a wwhile a go!
school is driving me nuts so I havent had time to check out your adorable blog...
and those shoes... so not the kind of things you find in zara (maybe in forever 21)

my wonderland said...

PS: ill answer ro it the next time I blog!
now give me time to check out the things you posted while I was gone :D

Francine said...

Love Manolo and his shoes!! (and Sex and the city of course!!)