Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tim Burton

Frankenweenie drawing by Tim Burton

Easily one of my favorite filmmakers, Tim Burton has got a unique outlook on life that makes his work one of a kind. I am currently reading the book called, Burton on Burton, which gives its readers a fascinating look into the mind of this quirky artistic genius!
I originally borrowed it from the library to add to my research for a film studies paper, but once I started to skim through it, I couldn't put it down! But due to a busy semester I have been forced to renew it three times! In it Tim Burton talks openly about what went in to making his films, his ideas, his process, and what he thinks of each movie. Its a great read for any Tim Burton fan and for those of you who aren't? Well maybe you will change your mind...

(image of Tim Burton from and 2nd image of Frankenweenie from

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