Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Site, New Me, New Directions

After several redesigns and attempts to find time and inspiration to jump start this wonderful little blog of mine, I've decided it is time to make a big change. It's with a little bittersweetness that I put AP Scribbles on the shelf (for now) and move on to my new site: Inés.

Why is it called Inés? Well that's my name! Surprise!

When I began this blog several years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or how much this would affect my future. I gave myself an Internet alias and created a little pocket of the world wide web that was all my own, where I could store memories and inspiring content. Little did I know that this humble little blog would open so many wonderful doors. Life has run away with me and it has become difficult to devote the proper time to this blog, the one that started me down a career path I never imagined. 

Perhaps I will return to this little pet project but until then, you can now find me here:
Thanks to all who inspired me and supported this space. Hope to see you there and hopeful for new and exciting things to come in this next phase of my digital life. Onward and upwards!

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