Monday, March 12, 2012

New York Adventures Part 2

Back with part 2 of my recent New York adventures after an insane stint of presentations and school work! It's truly amazing what we accomplished in only four days! If you thought our first day was busy wait to till you read this post! Here's a brief run down of some things we did and that I highly recommend you to squeeze into your New York itineraries!

Day 2: Good Eats

First item of the day? Pastrami sandwiches from the famous Katz's Delicatessen! (Anyone seen that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally? That restaurant.)What's a fabulous lunch without coffee and dessert afterwards? Next stop: Sugar Cafe.In between our food sessions we did some shopping at C Wonder, EasySpirit, and Uniglo, and a quick stop at the Philippine Embassy.
Then on to Bloomingdale's and The Forty Carrots for the most amazing fro-yo!After all that, believe or not, we went home just to get ready for dinner in Little Italy, at a place called Angelo's.
Day 3: A hockey surprise...

After a slow start, we had lunch at a charming place called Fig and Olive in Midtown Manhattan, followed by another stop at Uniglo.While my mom, aunts and uncle (four people on the right side of that picture) went to the country for the night, I stayed in the city with my cousin (he and I are standing on the left). We took a quick train to new Jersey and watched the Vancouver Canucks - fabulous surprise and treat from my cousin.

Day 4: Independence in Manhattan... and I filled it up with as much as possible!

I made a decision to skip the museums this trip and spend on my other passion: theatre. The spending began with an early start at Wicked: Behind the Emerald Curtain tour!I have more fun pictures to come. This insightful and super fascinating tour was followed by a freezing walk all over Times Square as I tried to decide what Broadway show I would watch that afternoon! I settled on How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.If I was a big fan of Nick Jonas, I probably would have screamed when I saw him appear on stage. This seriously entertaining Broadway classic was followed by chilly, windy walk to Juniors to get cheesecake for my dad back in Vancouver (yes-I hand-carried a cheesecake along with pastrami).
I worked off all the food on this trip when I had to walk 8 blocks over and up to try and catch a cab back Uptown. Before I knew it, I was packed and headed to the airport. I wasn't ready to go home!

Travel Tip: Be friendly and charming to the airport employees. I know from personal experience, both as a traveller and as an airline employee, the difference it can make just to smile at the check-in counter or in the security line-up. We were treated to lounge access even though we flew economy and I got a birthday hug (a month early) from the passport check guy.

Hope you enjoyed my adventures! I'd love to hear yours!

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