Friday, July 15, 2011

Polo in New York

Have you ever seen a polo match? Let me tell you, it's something to experience. If ever you have the opportunity, take advantage of it. My first weekend in New York, I had the chance to attend and assist at a charity polo tournament.
It was a whole other world: Aston Martins casually parked on the grass, women treading carefully with sky scraper heels and delicately balanced creations sitting on their heads, the polo players warming up, the grooms readying the horses, dainty small talk and auction tables with some incredible items (vacations for two to Italian vineyards, first class Asian getaways, designer items)!
Take a look at these photos from the Mashomack Polo Club's International Polo Challenge, 2011. I only wish I took more shots of the women's hats! (Click to zoom)See the little polo player to the very left? So cute! And the men wore great hats as well...
Love the "Press" hat! (Click to zoom)
Yes: red pants with what looked like ducks on them. I've never seen so many men shamelessly dressed in reds and pinks like this fellow!
Hopefully I can get some shots of my aunt's hat at least!

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