Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gray's Papaya

After work, I walked... a lot to get myself to Broadway and West 72nd St. to eat the famed Gray's Papaya hot dogs! And they were well worth it. Maybe I was just hungry, but I definitely enjoyed my dinner tonight! I topped it off with their famous papaya juice drink. This is what I ate: hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard and I wish they lasted longer!
I didn't have a camera with me other than my phone and my Diana Mini (but those will have to wait till the film is developed), so here are a few of my cell phone pictures of some NYC foodie places...
Seen The Devil Wears Prada anyone?Back to food. This is easily the best frozen yogourt I've ever had! Try it at the Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale's. But maybe, if you get a large like I did, plan on eating it there, because clearly, that plastic lid will not fit!
There's definitely more to come!

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