Friday, June 10, 2011

Apologies, Onions & Kitchen Duties

My apologies for the silent blog the past weeks. It's been a very busy week I don't even know where to begin! My week, in a nutshell: flamenco, house chores, goodbye parties and breakfasts (many of my friends are moving away this year), volunteer work and hockey (typical Canadian, I know)...Today I woke up to the thunderous sound of fighter jets flying overhead (I live quite close to the airport) and a list of kitchen duties in preparation for a tapas party my family is having tonight. Yum!
First on the list: chop 4 onions! How does one chop without the crying and the stinging and sniffling?Not the most fashionable choice, I know but I wore my ski goggles! And not a single tear was shed! Here are some other tested tear-preventing tricks that I found in case you want to keep chopping onions stylish! :P
And now, back to work in my house! I'll be back with photos of how crazy downtown was when I went to watch the Canucks game (100 000 people all together watching on a big screen outside!).Images via weheartit.

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