Monday, May 9, 2011

Travelling & a Few Packing Tips

Hello ladies! Sorry for the blog silence. I've been quite busy and I don't even know what I've been doing anymore! Today I'm packing and getting ready to fly to Spain tomorrow! My cousin is getting married in Ibiza in a little over a week and I can't wait to share pictures with you! My bed is looking like this at the moment:But soon it will probably look like this:My packing tips:
1. It's much easier when you're organized! Neat piles, a list, pouches... whatever works for you.
2. Don't over pack! Especially if you have access to laundry machines. Bring some basic pieces and accessorize. It helps to plan your outfits.
3. Bring shoes that are comfy and match several outfits to minimize luggage weight. Nothing worse than blisters while you tour.
4. Always pack extra underwear!!! Keep an extra outfit in your hand luggage in case the suitcases get misplaced. Not fun, let me tell you!
5. Oh, and don't forget your camera!

Any book suggestions? It's going to be a long flight!Oh! And no one was hurt in that fire!
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debi said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!!! How exciting! I always over pack, then take everything out and end up underpacking. I'll get it right some day. Can't wait for pics!! stay safe!