Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hotel AnaYela: A Moroccan Jewel

Thank you for all the advice so far on which colour to pick! Tomorrow I'm going to the store and take a look before I make my final decision. For now I have this urge to go to Morocco. I love the exotic Arabian nights atmosphere. It's a romantic notion...I've blogged about Marrakech before but I had to share it's incredible design hotel, Hotel AnaYela (really great website by the way). Like something right out of the movies, the hotel is named after a girl named Yela, whose journal was discovered in one of the secret rooms of the 300 year old palace. Her story has been hammered in silver onto the vast doors so that guests can wander throughout and read them like the pages of a storybook...Incredible isn't it? I know I just got back from Spain but I want to go and visit Morocco right now ;)

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Fleur-de-Lis said...

Well, i can't imagine a more romantic, sensual, exotic and unique place to go right now :)
I would love to spend there at least a weekend...oh my...
(And to tell the truth, Morroco it's just a few hours drive from here..and yet so far away... And i don't know many people who wanted to go there with me ^^)
Maybe one day!!