Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

So technically, its still Holy Saturday and I held off blogging on Good Friday but now I want to wish you all a Happy Easter! :) This will have to be my weekend post actually since I have a paper weighing down on me and an exam to study for as well (ew). But here are a few things that grabbed my attention:
I found myself wondering today where did the Easter bunny come from and why does he carry eggs? (here) too.I love Beatrix Potter's bunny filled tales and sketches.All this talk of Easter bunnies is making me crave carrot cake (recipe), minus the raisins...and maybe with maple cream cheese icing?Or maybe a pretty and very tasty Milk Chocolate Calico Bunny from Moonstruck Chocolatier...When I was younger, I used to make Ukrainian Easter eggs. Here are a few I made a long long time ago with my family and friends (even though we're not Ukrainian :P)
Do you have an Easter tradition or pastime? My family and I always go to the Easter Vigil Mass (it's beautiful to see everyone so well dressed, faces lit up by the hundreds of candles held in hands, shadows flickering, trying to reach the top of the arches in the church).
This is one of my favorite Easter songs that I used to sing with my choir when we performed Handel's Messiah. If you like classical music and choirs you'll like this one :)


debi said...

happy Easter to you too! love the pics! debi

Fleur-de-Lis said...

hmm, i love beatrix potter :)
hope you had a wonderful easter!