Friday, March 12, 2010

I Bailed... Hard

I just read this "I Saw You" ad in the Georgia Straight and it is so adorable and embarrassingly funny that I had to share it with you! It's just...haha here, you should read it and then you'll see what I mean.

I bailed....hard
I saw a: Female I am a: Male When: February 27, 2010 Where: Georgia and Howe...ish
So my friend and I were walking down Georgia heading towards the art gallery on Saturday night and as we were passing the HSBC bank I decided to try and touch one of the over hanging signs. I began to sprint towards it and I'm not really sure what happened—it was raining—but this part of the sidewalk is covered. I wasn't the most sober a person can be but that's hardly an excuse, for as I jumped to touch the sign my legs flew out in front of me and down I went, pretty hard. I laid there a moment trying to think of what to do, as there were about 500 people around that all saw, so at first I decided to pretend I was badly hurt but I couldn't keep a straight face due to how hard my friend was laughing. So I sat up and a very lovely lady who was sitting on the ledge of the bank, thus having a front row seat for this, offered me a hand to get up. I said I was OK, but I was so embarrassed that I said it in a French accent for some reason. Then I stood up and said I swear I could've touched that. I don't know what happened, all in this accent, then she asked me where I was from and I said Montreal. She said nice hair, I said merci, and off I went, with what little dignity I still had. Anyway I'm not sure why you'd want to after that, but if this is you it would be cool to hear from you. I promise I am usually a lot more coordinated than that.
Haha! See? How cute is that?

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Id love to have a tshirt wuth that logo