Thursday, February 18, 2010

If You Never Did, You Should: go to an olympic event

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Okay do I have a story for you! Haha! Well, I was supposed to work today but I had the good fortune of getting sick (one of those overnight type things) and so I called in sick. I happen to know the fellow who picked up the phone so it was fine. But then, after enjoying a lovely sleep-in and leisurely morning, I had the fantastic fortune of getting a ticket to the hockey game Canada vs. Switzerland! So of course I jumped on the opportunity even though the ticket was $300! But really now, how many times will I ever get a ticket in the lower bowl, row 12 and practically centre ice for an Olympic men's ice hockey game in my hometown?! But this is where things get funny! On my way to the stadium, who should I bump into? Julian, the guy who picked up the phone when I called in sick this morning! Seriously, what are the odds??!
The game, however, was definitely worth it! We won after a nail-biting finish with sudden death overtime and a shoot-out! Here is a picture of this super red and white electric atmosphere:So if you never did, you should go to an Olympic event, especially if it's in your hometown. Oh and I made new friends too. Canadians bonding over hockey? Well what do ya know, eh?! ;P


Gaia said...

What a beautiful experience!

I hope you get well after the game!
get ready for a new exciting week!

Ana Patricia said...

haha thanks! i got well very quickly when i heard i had the opportunity to go see it live!