Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Like Love

Hey lovelies! I have to share a new song with you. It's actually a country song (which usually isn't really my style) by a group called The Higgins. Siblings, Kathleen, Eileen, and John team up and create original songs with pretty lyrics and wonderful harmonies. I have to admit though... I'm a little biased since Kathleen is a very dear friend of mine! Anyways, back to this new song entitled "Free Like Love". The video is on the right side of this page. Seriously! It's such a happy song! Kathleen's voice is so gorgeous, reminding me a lot of the lead singer of The Corrs... OH! By the way, there's a contest for this new single and Valentine's Day. Enjoy the song! (sorry I couldn't put it here for you)

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