Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello Snow! How nice of you to drop by so soon after Christmas Vacation arrived! But I have to say, I hope you don't stick around as long as last year. As much as I love having you around, I really don't enjoy driving with you on the roads. I'm not really a fan of your close relative, Ice, either... You are very pretty though.


Alaine said...

Aw, I personally don't miss the snow, but it is very pretty. The titled being just the word "snow" reminds me of the song from "White Christmas". They all harmonize to the word "snow" and then sing about playing in it. Love that movie, oldie but goody.

And I love your blog too. It's so fun. =]

Ana Patricia said...

Thanks so much! I actually havent seen that movie yet :P but ive got it saved! haha its next on my list :) thanks for your support!