Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Candied Apples and Nutcrackers and Songs! Oh My!

With Christmas coming up so fast and cousins in town and last minute Christmas gift shopping to be done, its been extremely busy to say the least. In fact I think I'm to allot myself a mini bloggy vacation for the next two days. I'm sure I wont be missed what with all the fantastic Christmas festivities you must be partaking in!
But here are some fantastic things that would be great to do or eat during this holiday:

What better way to enjoy an evening this Christmas than by watching the Nutcracker Ballet?Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory anyone? I couldn't resist taking photographs of their mouthwatering Candied Apples while walking along the beautiful Robson Street!
Go Christmas caroling!!! Here's a good plan for a night of singing.
Merry Christmas everyone!


my wonderland said...

you deserve the bloggy vacation!!
PS: love the ballet image

my wonderland said...

ps. Im following!